I. Who We Are
Casa Hogar Nueva Vida is a non-profit civil association that has served society since April 30, 1996. Our organization is a response to the needs of our country regarding the increase of child orphans, abandoned and neglected children, and children “in the street,” caused by a falling apart of the family. A new life is what we offer to these little people in need of love, protection and total assistance. We rely on the permission of The Secretary of Finance and Public Credit for the power of granting tax-deductible donations (authorization A00135/03 June 17, 2006).

II. Our Mission

  1. Achievement of family integration for young people.
  2. Achievement for young people who have experienced a life of bitterness, loneliness and abuse to be integrated into society as productive people.
  3. Support for marginalized and indigenous groups.
  4. Support for young people with addiction problems.

III. Our Objectives

  1. Spiritual, physical and emotional restoration.
  2. Restoration of identity and dignity.
  3. Reintegration to the nuclear family.
  4. Incorporation into a productive life.
  5. To serve society.

IV. Development of Objectives

  1. Spiritual, physical and emotional restoration.
    In Casa Hogar Nueva Vida, we know that the problem in not found outside the person, but rather that it is from within. The answer to the problems is not alcohol, drugs or food, but rather to recognize that one needs help. Our program includes both personal and group counseling, instilling in young people the values and moral principles based in the Bible and other books which touch on those themes to a goal of creating inner sanity in young people. Through this method, the young people begin to separate from that which has caused them damage and they then receive sanity in their spirits, souls and bodies.
  2. Restoration of identity and dignity.
    People who have lived in the street fall into anonymity and become statistics. Their dignity disappears and they feel abandoned, failed and betrayed by society. Due to their appearance and the way they live, they struggle to belong and integrate into their family, but they fail in their effort. In Casa Hogar Nueva Vida, we motivate and help children recuperate their dignity as human beings by recuperating their moral values through conferences and group therapy. We already consider that behind the different problems of these child adolescents and young people, there exists huge potential – a good human being. There exists a person who requires the opportunity to feel important for him and demonstrate to society that he can be different.
  3. Reintegration into the nuclear family.
    In Casa Hogar Nueva Vida, we recognize that everyone who we attend to represents a disintegrated family, a destroyed home. It is for this reason, that we carry to the end the work together with their family to know the problem of each child and the cause of the separation of its members. We help them through talks that allow them to reintegrate. We carry to the end family meetings, which allow the children to clarify doubts and resolve disagreements. When it is possible, they are reintegrated with their families. When it is not possible, Casa Hogar, N.V. is converted into their family for an indefinite period of time.
  4. Incorporation into a productive life.
    In Casa Hogar, N.V., we recognize that each one of us should be capable of serving to make each day better. Our children assist at the school in accordance with their age. The young people and adults learn positions through productive workshops such as activities that permit them to develop and incorporate into a productive life.
  5. To serve the society.
    In Casa Hogar N.V., we believe in service and service to our society. We believe in service to our young people who have completed the majority of their studies, to their Cbtis and Conalep degree and to those who are not in school, but who work in different jobs, like carpentry or printing. Those restored members of our program become street educators. They already know how to talk to the children and convince them to take advantage of this transforming program. We sponsor children’s parties in different neighborhoods and communities with the goal of transmitting and teaching values to the little children to prevent them from falling through the cracks and turning to the street. We take advantage of each event to provide a conference for the parents about the education of their children.

V. Where are we working?

  • IN CASA HOGAR NUEVA VIDA Located in oceano indico at the corner of Carlos Salinas de Gortari Col. Granjas del Pescador Puerto Escondido Oaxaca. Tel. (954) 58 2 17 74
  • In the garbage dump (with children who work there too)
  • In the marginal neighborhoods
  • In the communities of the Sierra de Oaxaca who solicit our support
    * In children’s events
    * Medical brigades

VI. Achievements
We know that we have a joint responsibility and that the success we have had we grant thanks first and foremost to God and afterwards we grant thanks to all those people who have participated in this work in favor of the needs of the children. There are people who have assisted in the streets, others who have trained to work with children and some who have provided economic assistance to help complete certain specific programs. All of those who have participated in the way they are able do so knowing the goal of our program is to see the children, adolescents and young people integrated into society. Below, we mention some achievements that have been obtained since our founding.

Assistance To Underage Children From 1996 to 2004:

Attention to 185 children in our program site; home, food, education, clothing, medical attention and love.
In the majority of those children that egresan are integrated with their nuclear family. Others who have been temporarily solicited by D.I.F. are those who have been resolved in a smaller situation.

Educational Areas:

Those children and young people who have been with Casa Hogar Nueva Vida since our founding are those who have had a scholastic efficiency deemed satisfactory. Many of them have obtained diverse degrees especially in results of on average between 9 and 10. They receive these recognitions in our small and air conditioned office. One example of this is Jonathan Ventura Lopez, who in 2003 was a part of the children’s Olympics of the known state level in the city of Oaxaca. He represented his school, zone and sector. He was student 15 at the state level. The older children study their degree in CBTIS and CONALEP.

The children have developed different abilities (clowning, puppet work, dance and theatre), which have often accompanied our events. In our events, we attend to approximately 200 children monthly. In bigger events there are between 600 and 1000 children who we are able to attend to and control with success fulfilling our objectives.

Children’s Events:

Medical Brigades
3000 medical consultants per year with free of charge medicine from communities like:
San Pedro Mixtepec
Pueblo Viejo
San Gabriel
Cerro Campana
Santa Maria Ozolotepec
Santa Maria Colotepec
San Gabriel
Puerto Escondido (Col. Lazaro Cardenas among others)

VII. Attention Program and Integral Development

  • We offer home and room in consideration of the child’s home setting
  • We offer a proportioned and balanced diet
  • We offer academic education
  • We offer the capacity of skilled and productive workshops
  • We offer conferences and talks regarding health
  • We offer medical valuation periodically
  • We offer proportioned sporting, cultural and recreational activities
  • We offer the fostering and growth of moral and spiritual values in an individual and group atmosphere.
  • Medical Brigades
  • Casa Hogar Nueva Vida A.C. offers a different way of living

VII. How we sustain ourselves?

We believe that each person needs a helping hand to support him in his personal problems. We desire to be this helping hand, jointly with society to provide help and integrating diverse opportunities for their development. The different assistance we need is:

In kind with: Dry goods, clothing, shoes, games, whites, underwear, school supplies, domestic electrical equipment and construction material. In cash: We can extend tax-deductible receipts for persons donating financial help.

Being part of the “Big Brother” program, which is combined with a person or persons provides support with a child or children, spirit and enthusiasm, encouragement to continue their studies, consciousness to their personal hygiene, respect to their elders and their schools, family, government, etc. What’s more, the “Big Brother” program can be collaborated for 250 pesos per month to support those programs in the Casa Hogar. Even though we prefer economic help, the principal objective of this program is the relation that exists between the sponsor and the sponsored child, not only for letters, but also if possible to have telephone conversations, visits and participation with the presence in the dates and important activities for the child.